Friday, September 12, 2014

Of Infinite Worth

Can you believe all of those beautiful pictures were created with a typewriter (watch the video above to see them)?!  What amazing talent.  I couldn't help but think that in our "disposable" world today, a man like Paul Smith would probably not be here. I do not know if his "disability" occurred before birth or during, but in our world today so many mothers are counseled to abort their babies.  They are "assured" that the child would be nothing but a "burden" to society and the family.  I wonder how many artists (and SO many other talents and gifts) we have destroyed with this false assumption.  God does not create "burdens."  He creates people - people of infinite worth.  People who have gifts and a purpose.  Paul Smith has made this world a more beautiful place.  He is not a burden or a "mistake."  He is a child of God.

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