Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Longing For Home - Hope Springs by Sarah M. Eden (Book Review)

Honestly, I wasn't excited about reading this one.  The first book - Longing for Home - was okay, but I didn't feel it was one of  Ms. Eden's best works.   But, I am glad that I gave the second one a chance.  I think Longing for Home - Hope Springs - is much better.  The story flowed better and I didn't feel like I was constantly being "recapped" on the characters and their thoughts. 
I was upset at the ending of the first book - when Katie chose Tavish.  I felt like it was a rushed decision  and one that didn't really fit with her character.  Therefore, I was glad when the author had Katie re-examine her feelings and take the time needed to make her decision.   I was also glad to see some resolution brought to the town feud. 

I do get a little disappointed with Hollywood and fiction books in how quickly problems are solved - if only it were that way in real life. (I know…I know…that's the purpose of entertainment - to remove you from reality, but it still bothers me.)   I also have problems with the whole "romance" genre in general, but that's for another post.

Overall this was a pretty good book.  Again, not one that I will read over and over, but I did enjoy it. 

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