Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Garden

My garden this year has done fabulous!!  It only took three years ;-).  

My beets and cucumbers
(I can't keep up with that nasty Bermuda grass!)

The "chicken garden" in the front - all the veggies the chickens like to eat,
 but I don't -ha! (kale, swiss chard, and green beans)
Onions in the middle (the carrots have been picked already)
and corn in the back

the lime tree in front
tomatoes in back
there are peppers there too 
but hard to distinguish in front of the tomatoes

they are my experiment in the desert
the leaves are a bit yellow - iron deficiency
but they should look better in a couple weeks
if they survive the heat!

my citrus trees
grapefruit (2), orange, and clementine

peach (the "half" tree), apple, plum and apricot
the yellow one way in the back is a pomegranate
(it has iron deficiency too - but should look better soon)

the apple tree before I picked it this week

my grapes 

sweet potatoes and garlic
(all the "green" you see in between is dill!
I let the last batch go to seed to collect the seeds
for herbal remedies and boy did it go to seed!)

my pumpkins, butternut squash and broccoli
(also going to seed - I use non-hybrid seeds and 
then collect them for next year)

There is a watermelon too, but forgot to get a picture of  that - oops!

So far my garden has produced:
5 qts apple sauce
(+1 apple pie ;-)
15 qts tomatoes
4 qts grape juice
7 qts pickles
4 qts tomato salsa
6 batches green salsa (I freeze that)
10 pints carrots
10 pints beets
5 pumpkins
2 butternut squash


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  1. Gorgeous grapes! Fabulous yard and garden! You rock big time! Congratulations on preparing your ground to produce so much bounty.