Friday, June 17, 2011

Let us labor to enter into His rest

I believe that God created the world on which we live and it is a BEAUTIFUL place.  But I've never really pondered much about HOW he did it.  Maybe I've been influenced too much by the stories of the Greek and Roman Gods, but I've always kind of pictured God resting on a lounge chair and just casually waving his hands and commanding the elements and "voila" the earth was created.  (I told you I've never really thought about it!)  

But this morning as I was reading Hebrews 4 it suddenly dawned on me that creating the world must have been A LOT of work.  After all, when God was finished He needed to "rest".  That doesn't sound like He was just casually waving a hand or two.  It sounds like he worked  for 6 LONG days and didn't stop until everything was finished and pronounced "good".  

I believe that He wants me to do the same.  My time here on earth is in reality VERY short (only 2 1/2 hours in God's time!).  I need to work diligently and tirelessly until my mission is finished and "pronounced good".  And to remind me of His infinite mercy He allows me to follow his pattern:  I work six LONG days and then rest - not "lounging" on the couch" but spending the seventh day totally focused on Him; renewing my spirit and strengthening my soul.

As Paul reminds us..."Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest..." Heb 4:11

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