Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Finished! (well almost)

The chickens (and rabbits) have a home!  My wonderful hubby has finished  the chicken coop (well except for the nesting boxes - but we don't need those yet anyway).

Here's the second batch of chickens (after the cat ate 2 of the first batch)
 - they are a few days old here
The fluffy yellow one (Angel) didn't survive my active children or the dog
 - who decided to "unbury" it and use it as a toy for a few hours before eating it
- can you say GROSS! 

Framing the coop

the (almost) finished coop
I had more pics of the stages in between,
but my kids deleted them off the camera (grrr!)

Here are the "ladies" now.  The speckled and light brown are the
survivors from first batch, the dark ones are from the second batch
(there's another hiding behind Georgina on the block)

And here's our latest addition to the "farm" - two rabbits George and Lily
 (I can't tell them apart!)

I wasn't sure about puting them with the chickens,
but they seem to get along great
(well at least I think so, but since the rabbits are trying to
dig their way out, maybe they would say otherwise :-)

The inside of the coop

 A picture from a distance - and to show off my corn
(and tomatoes on the left)
 (ignore the weeds in the onion patch - I'm still trying to catch up
from 2 weeks of no weeding - and its HOT!!)

And here's Chester (acting all innocent and cute!)

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  1. Wow!!! You've got yourself a little farm now! :-D So COOL!!!