Thursday, June 2, 2011

AHHHHH - I need another day!

Well...things have NOT gone as planned this week.  I leave for Girl's camp on Saturday, t-minus 1 day!!!  And I have nothing ready -do you hear me nothing!!  Why you ask?  Because someone (and boy are you lucky I don't know who you are!) shared a NASTY virus with me.  I have been in bed for 2 days - count them - 2 WHOLE days!  I didn't have time to be in bed for 2 days.  Now how am I going to get 3 days worth of - shopping, packing, shopping, finding the gazillion items stored SOMEWHERE in the garage that we just HAVE to have (you know hammer, nails, tape, string), more shopping, and then preparing food for my wonderful hubby who went to college but can't read a recipe - all so that my other beautiful children don't starve while I'm gone - done in ONE day???  (deep breath)
But on the plus side, I have lost 8 pounds!!  Who knew - just stop eating, spend every other hour in the bathroom and voila - easy (not painless) weight loss!  (NOT highly recommended!)
So now that I can actually lift my head off the pillow, I better figure out what I need to pack...


  1. If anyone can get it together in such a short time it's YOU! I hope you shake the rest of that yuck SOON!


  2. By the way, I think I fed your fish too much-- hope I didn't kill them! ;-D