Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a need for "constructions"

A little over a year ago, I was called as the Young Women's president in my ward (for my non-mormon friends - that means I get to work with the amazing youth (ages 12-18) in my church).  One of my favorite parts of Young Women is Personal Progress (PP).  PP helps the girls develop talents, skills and abilities that will help them become great moms, wives and leaders.  The program is based on the 8 values that help the girls understand their divine identity and ultimately lead them closer to their saviour, Jesus Christ.  It is an amazing program.  I want each of my girls to achieve their Personal Progress award, so that means I need to complete the program too. 
So for the past month I have been working on my "good works" project.  It all started with my desire to teach my children how to cook.  (That was something I was not taught in my youth - which made the first couple years of marriage VERY stressful!) At first I started with just showing them how to prepare a couple simple meals.  I thought it went well.  But then when I asked them to try to do it on their own, they were really frustrated and couldn't do it.  That was when I realized that they needed the "constructions" (my son's word for instructions ;-) - they needed the recipes!  duh!! 
Oh, but therein was the problem.  I don't have recipes for most of the foods I make.  Well, what could I do?  I could just have them make the dish over and over until they have it memorized.  But that would take a long time and quite frankly I don't want to eat the same food that many times in a row!  Rats!  That meant that I had to actually make recipes for my "creations".  (Maybe that's why my Mom never taught me to cook!)
It has been quite the project.   But I now have a "recipe" for everything on my menu - woohoo!!  My kids love it and I do too.  And the best part is they will each have their own recipe book to take with them when they leave home.

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  1. I had to do that too, write down my concoctions. I even made a separate recipe binder (index binder) with all the recipes for our food storage so that if anything happened to me they would know what they can make with what we have.

    I didn't realize it, but the kids told me they felt much better knowing that little recipe binder is in the cabinet.

    I should help them make their own personal ones like you did!