Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I just have to say NO

I had the most wonderful roommate in college.  She led me to the gospel, was patient with all my short comings and was truly a great friend.  She however, had one weakness. She could never say no (to good things of course!).  Whenever anyone needed help she would be there; she volunteered to help with everything and basically tried to do it all.  While on the outside, everything seemed fine, in reality, she was an emotional wreck.  While it is good to help others, it is important to remember that we cannot do everything and there is a time and a place to say no. 
In homeschooling my kids, I follow the principles of Leadership Education.  One of the important concepts in this method is the "6 Month No".  Every six months you are encouraged to make a list of all your responsibilities and tasks.  Then after careful evaluation and prayer you need to remove some (if not most) of those items from your list.  In doing this you free your schedule to do those things that are not just "good", but the Best.
Well...it is time for confessions.  I have not done a "6 Month No" in a couple of years - **gasp**   I have had many responsibilities added to my "plate" in the last year, but I have not made room for them by getting rid of the "good".  And I have realized I have become my roommate. On the outside, things look great, but I am an emotional wreck!  I constantly feel stressed and discouraged.  I find myself overeating (cuz we all know chocolate makes us feel better!), snapping at my kids, and just generally not behaving as I would like. 
So...this afternoon, I will create my list and with a great big, fat marker I am going to hash away at it.  This may effect some of you, so consider this a warning :-).  I still love you all, but I have to say NO!

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  1. I will totally understand if I'm on there, dear Toni! LOL! We need to seriously talk about next year on Thursday. Can you come a bit early before Shakespeare?

    Love ya!