Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side of the Chicken Wire

Well, it has been an interesting week.  Tuesday we came home to chicks running all over the yard.  After rounding them up, it was discovered that Minnie was missing.  We searched everywhere and then found a pile of feathers behind the fence.  Today when arriving home we saw that Bubbles had managed to squeaze beneath the fence.  Unfortunately, she too became kitty food. 
It has been a sad couple of days at our house.  However, it did lead to a great discussion.  I asked the kids why they thought the chicks kept trying to escape.  They suggested that maybe they wanted to eat the grass on the outside of the pen.  Maybe they thought there was something more interesting or fun on the other side of the chicken wire. 
Chickens aren't so different from us.  We too are always looking at what we can't have or wishing we were somewhere else.  We put the chicks in a pen to protect them from the mean kitty.  Heavenly Father has done the same for us.  We aren't in a pen, but He has lovingly set up boundaries (commandments) for us in order to protect us.  When we are obedient (stay within the boundaries), we are blessed and safe.  Heavenly Father provides for us and protects us.  When we escape (disobey the commandments) we become vulnerable to the dangers around us; we open ourselves up to be eaten by the mean kitty (Satan).
My kids decided that maybe "staying in the pen" isn't so bad after all ;-).

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  1. So true! I think the same applies to all sorts of things...we think some else has a better life, better hair, better kids, better job...better, better, better! Sometimes I think if I could truly accept and be grateful for what God has given me and stop looking for "better" (other than following His commandments better), then I would have finally conquered Satan's temptations.