Monday, August 5, 2013

Longing For Home - Sarah Eden (Book Review)

I have read several of Sarah Eden's books now.  They are all relatively quick reads and contain wholesome messages and characters.  They are just good clean love stories :-).

I liked the characters in Longing for Home and could relate to them.  Katie's transformation from "Prickly Pete" to "Sweet Petunia" was a bit of a stretch.  I did grow tired of the constant references to each character's personality - I felt like I was being "updated" after the commercial break in each chapter.  But I did find myself getting wrapped up in the story.  My heart ached for Katie as she tells of her father choosing his farm over her (but this could have come MUCH earlier in the story!) and I sympathized with Joseph who didn't like being stuck in the middle of the town's politics.  Overall I thought it was a good book - not one that I would read again and again, but okay.

While this is what I would consider "fluffy" reading (a book that doesn't take much effort or thought to read), there were some great principles that could be gleaned from it.  
  • Fulfilling your mission in life will NEVER be easy.  You will be confronted head-on with your weaknesses and shortcomings - all of which will be used against you by those who want to see you fail.
  • To change the future you must change the present.  
  • Repentance gives EVERYONE a second chance.  (Don't let mistakes of the past keep you from achieving your dreams for the future!)
  • God will always place people in our lives to help us through our trials - we just need to open our hearts and let them in.
I was disappointed to get to the end and realize this is yet again ANOTHER series!  Can't anyone write one book anymore?  This was a SHORT book, there was no reason the main issues couldn't have been ALL resolved in one book.  Is everything about more money these days?


  1. Thanks for taking the time to review Longing for Home. I appreciate it!

  2. My apologies Sarah (NOT Susan)- I had your name wrong in my original post - SO sorry!!! (As you see names are not my forte - sorry!)