Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Source of Happiness

I drive to church several times each week for all of the various activities and services.  One of the busy intersections on my way always has several homeless people standing on the median begging.  Usually these individuals are older gentlemen and if I have spare cash I usually give them something.  But lately there has been a young man, probably in his early 20's standing there.  I have to be honest and say my first reaction was rather judgmental - "You're young!  Why don't you get a job?"  But then I reminded myself that I was driving to church after all, and I should be more compassionate ;-).
It's obvious that this young man hasn't had a bath in a VERY long time and more than likely is an addict.  The more I thought about it, the more sadness I felt.  I wondered where is his family?  Does his mother know he is begging on the corner? (It would absolutely break my heart to know one of children was living on the streets.)  
That's when I realized once again, how blessed I truly am.  I know that there are many people who love me and care about me.  And although I have made many poor choices in my life, I have been spared from becoming addicted to something that destroys my ability to think and care for myself.  It only takes one bad decision to alter the course of our lives.
We are all searching for love and happiness.  But contrary to what the "world" would teach us, it can't be found in drugs, alcohol or sex. Just look at this young man.  He is a great example of that lie.  Is he happy?  Does he feel loved?  There is only one true source of happiness - Jesus Christ.  If this young man had known he was a child of God, would he have made the same choices?  If he had known that he could turn to God with any problem, would his life be different today?  I believe that it would be.  I hope that he realizes it is not too late.  He can change his life and God will be right there with him to help him through everything he faces.
His mother may not know where he is.  But This mother will be praying for him every day.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful 'musing' Toni. I remember that corner. I would often go through this same process too. Afterwards I would give them a BOM pass-a-long card. I hope they would call and get it. Who knows?

  2. Beautiful, Toni! It's so sad to see people wasting their precious mortal experiences. You are such a sweet lady, and a great example to me.