Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas memories

I guess since it is December, everyone seems to be focused on Christmas for the blog challenge.  And since I haven't responded to any I'll try to answer them all in one post (is that something like killing two birds with one stone?!)  I think my favorite Christmas movie was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  I say I think, because I honestly haven't watched it in over 20 years.  I'm not a big movie person - I would really rather read a book. 
Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  It brings back memories of Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house and waiting at the top of the stairs with all of my cousins for Santa to come.  We weren't supposed to peak around the corner, but how could we resist?!  We each had a pile of presents waiting for us as we came screaming and laughing down the stairs.  Then on Christmas day we would have a big feast and then spend the day playing in the snow.  We would sled down the big hill and ride on my uncle's snow mobiles.  It's funny but I don't ever remember being cold (now I freeze and it's only 50!).  They were great memories of my family, but it wasn't until I was much older that I realized Christmas was about the birth of Christ and not about Santa. 
I want things to be different for my children.  I want them to have wonderful memories, but I want them to also know their Savior.  During December we talk about what Santa represents and how we as a family can show the love of Christ by being "Santa" to another family.  It is fun to think of ways to serve the other family and surprise them with special gifts  We still spend Christmas Eve with family, but now we read the story of the birth of Christ and all the kids act it out.  They have a great time dressing in costumes and trying to get the "newest" baby in the family to stay in the "manger" (some years are easier than others, depending on the age of the "baby"!).  I hope that my kids are learning that Christmas is really about giving and sharing the love of Christ with others, but I know they still can't wait to see what Santa has brought them as well.


  1. You are such a good Christmas and always. Enjoy The Day.